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The Lunde story

Three Wisconsin boys, (Nate, Jeremiah, and Josh) thrive on their differences. Cousins Nate Uhrich and Jeremiah Lunde had long been passers-by in each other's lives until the pair re-discovered their musical connection on a trip in 2018. Presenting a developed & pronounced musical imprint, the group quickly made themselves a fixture of the Indie scene between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Jeremiah Lunde, at just 18, brings unique confidence and insight to the group. This is exemplified both in his drumming, but also his unique sonic vision which has garnered the band attention from artists like Baby Jake and The Walters. Nate is a dynamic contrast to the band, bringing about fervent introspection and intentionality to his songwriting. 


Self-directed on the musical and visual fronts, their debut album, ‘Living Strange,’ highlights concise, engaging songwriting with sweet, familiar guitar tones and Beach Boys-esque harmonies. This debut project is well paired with the unexpected follow-up, ‘Stickin Around’ which is comprised of mostly live studio takes, capturing a unique and unrepeatable era of the group. Their filmic visual prowess is well demonstrated in their short film/music video for their 2020 single ‘Halloween Blues’ which was independently produced by the group.

Since 2020, the band’s repertoire of live shows, discography, and public recognition has skyrocketed. By joining bills alongside The Slaps, Deeper, The O-My’s, and Nordista Freeze, good company has never been closer. In 2022, taking matters into their own hands, the group put on their own music festival, ‘America’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus,’ booking national acts to accompany Lunde on their home soil.

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The faces.


Nate Uhrich

Lead Singer

Founding member and frontman Nate Uhrich has played an important role in crafting the group’s sound. His musical journey began taking shape in middle school when a friend turned him on to The Beatles. In high school, he started diving into artists like Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Mac Demarco, and Cage The Elephant. 

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