About Lunde


Cousins Jeremiah Lunde and Nate Uhrich originally conceived Lunde in 2018, when they were re-introduced to each other’s musical inclinations, after a period of time apart. Soon after, the band’s debut album Living Strange began to take shape. Calling in many influences, from Twin Peaks to Tame Impala, Bob Dylan, and Oasis, the album was a perfect storm. It features the elements of Nate’s trademark sound, simple and concise song structures, sweet guitar arrangements, and beach boy’s-esque harmonies. Since the release of Living Strange in 2020, the band has expanded to a 5 piece consisting of singer-songwriter Nate Uhrich, Drummer and producer Jeremiah Lunde, bassist Josh Janiak, guitarist Evan Steidtman, and multi-instrumentalist Logan Haller. In 2021 they released their follow up record, Stickin Around, which is a compilation of primarily live studio takes, memorializing their live sound at the time. 


Nate Uhrich

Lead Singer

There since the beginning, singer-songwriter Nate Uhrich has played an important role in informing the band’s sound. His musical journey started taking shape in middle school when a friend turned him on to The Beatles. In highschool, he started diving into artists like Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Mac Demarco, and Cage The Elephant. These influences have deeply inspired his songwriting. You can hear many of these influences amplified on the band’s first record, Living Strange.