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Three Wisconsin boys thrive on their differences. Cousins Nate Uhrich (lead vocals) and Jeremiah Lunde (drums) had long been passerby in each other's lives, with an 8 year age gap and living in different cities. In 2018, the pair re-discovered their musical connection at a family gathering. Soon after, Josh Janiak (bass) joined through a mutual friend and they decided to name the band “Lunde” (a family name).


The group quickly made themselves a fixture of the Indie scene between Milwaukee and Chicago. (Jeremiah) Lunde’s ruthless production style and Uhrich’s unique writing style garnered the band attention from indie scene staples. 


Lunde’s first record ‘Living Strange’ highlights concise, engaging songwriting and Beach Boys-esque harmonies wrapped in a raw indie sound. 


2024 brings Lunde’s newest record which they call, in tongue in cheek fashion, “Wisconsin’s First Band”.  On this record, the band confronts some of the feelings that make us most human: happiness, anger, loneliness and everything in between. 

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