About Lunde

Built on family, cousins Nate Uhrich and Jeremiah Lunde have been writing and performing separately from a young age. In mid-2018, they re-discovered each other's musical talent and began working on the first form of what would eventually become their debut album, Living Strange. Shortly after, they joined forces with guitarist, Kyle Gogan and several other extremely talented musicians to craft the Lunde sound. The album chronicles the day-to-day life of frontman Nate Uhrich, and his many experiences navigating love and viewing reality from the outside.

Lunde tips its hat to many different influences, including Bob Dylan, Oasis, Neil Young The Beatles, and more. The band also has sonic ties to the Chicago Indie scene, taking inspiration from bands like Summer Salt, Twin Peaks, The Walters, and The Orwells. The MILF podcast says that "Lunde is like a breath of fresh air”. Drummer/ multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Lunde says that they "enjoy the communal feeling of family around classic rock and roll." 

In short, they're just a bunch of dumb fucking kids.


Lead Singer

Nate Uhrich

Being there since the very beginning, singer-songwriter Nate Uhrich has played an important role in informing the band’s sound. His musical journey started taking shape in middle school when a friend turned him on to The Beatles. In highschool, he started diving into artists like Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Mac Demarco, and Cage The Elephant. These influences have deeply inspired his songwriting. You can hear many of these influences amplified on the band’s first record, Living Strange.


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